What Is SHAREit

Shareit is a application which is used for sharing the media files and huge sized files can be shared through application within less time and shared easily.shareit app is released in 2012 year and people connected more because of it hassle free sharing without any restrictions and it does not required any registrations.The app hit millions of downloads at the initial stage of it’s release and this shows how people connected to it. Shareit APK file is used for sharing files and transferring for android  , IOS , and windows, mac devices . It is a free file sharing application using widely.

Share it app is earlier used for android devices and later it was accessible to the windows and mac devices also.

Shareit application is having a strong user base and its usage is very easy and it is having some millions of downloads. Shareit can share the large sized files in the fraction of seconds and this made the users to love this application.

To use the shareit application in the windows devices or mac devices they definitely need  android emulator to use the shareit apk .shareit app is safest way to share the files among the devices and it can share multiple files at a single attempt.

Shareit apk is downloaded by billions of people and still more users rely on it for sharing the files among the devices.and this app does not require any pre registrations to run the application and moreover this application is free from viruses.

Shareit application is using the WI-FI technology and Bluetooth technology at instant and sharing the files a bit faster and changed the scenario of sharing the files within seconds unless the earlier people struggling with the sharing large files taking long time with the help of bluetooth.

Features :

Being a Very amazing transferring shareit application it has more features also included in the same application , it is front end of application is very much user friendly anyone can easily understand the use of it.

  • Shareit Is the fastest file sharing platform this can share the large sized files also can be transferred within fraction of seconds.it is available for almost all types of OS Mobiles like android , blackberry and IOS. it means the Iphone users can share the files to Android and vice – versa. there is no need of extra apps or supporting files to run the shareit.
  • Shareit is coming with the latest features and launched the in-built video player if the user shared any video file in the shareit they can watch it in the shareit application itself. this embedded video player will be exist if you updated the shareit application from the older version , however you can download the updated version of shareit apk from this website.
  • with the help of embedded video player , we don’t need to download the external video player apps from the outside.
  • shareit users can share the all types of files called apps , photos , videos , documents and many more. and there is no limitations to share number of files and the size of files that are being shared by the shareIt application.
  • Shareit is excellent application which is transferring the large size files in less time compare to bluetooth and NFC. users can enjoy this app for sharing files without any restrictions.
  • Shareit application can share the files at very high speed that is more than 300 Megabytes per second . this is almost very higher than the bluetooth file transfer speed.
  • shareit app uses the wi-fi and bluetooth connection in order to transfer the file because it establishes  the strong connection between the two devices and makes files gets transferred only between the connected party avoiding the other connections and this will makes the data is secure and safe.
  • the Shareit application is also having the embedded music player it can play almost all types of audio files like .wav , .mp3 , .flac and many more.
  • this app is very small sized around 15-25 Mb and run very smoothly in all types of devices. this app is used wi-fi and bluetooth for strong connection and it does not uses any mobile data and it is very helpful for us.

User Interface Of ShareIt application:



How To download ShareIt ?

shareit apk download for android latest version 2023 and old version

Shareit application is downloaded with very small steps and can be used without any formalities, it works really well in the android devices and also for pc windows devices.

let’s quickly will see how to download the shareit app for android devices in step by step process. this steps are very easy to perform and lets start.

Step By step To install Shareit :

  • Shareit download – The apk file will be downloaded from this website download button which you can accessed by the mobile with good internet connection then it will be downloaded within less time.
  • The downloaded file gets saved in the my files download section in the mobile which usually saved in the internal storage.
  • click on the downloaded file then it will be installed under few seconds .
  • In some cases It will ask for permission to install unknown apps then ,
  • From a Home screen, navigate to. Settings. .
      1.  Go to Apps & notifications. .
      2. Select Advanced Option.
      3. Select Special app access. .
      4. Turn ON Install unknown apps.
How To Download Shareit App For PC ?


Pc users can also can run the shareit application on their windows. shareit can be used by pc window users with the help of bluestacks application , the all apk files are installed under this bluestack and you can use it for free and not only shareit any apk file which is available for mobile are can be used by the pc users with the help of bluestack.

Steps To download & Install Shareit For PC :

  • Shareit for windows download from the online website which is a apk file in your desktop or laptop.
  • Now we need to download the bluestack app in the windows from online official website called bluestacks.com which you can type in the search engine and install it for free which is a android simulator.
  • after installing the bluestack app , open it and it may take some longer time than usual at your first attempt,
  • then now find the one option called ” Install APK” section.
  • After going to that section you will be watching the downloaded apk files , search for the shareit apk and install it.
  • once it is successfully installed , you can use it for free .


  1. Why Shareit ?

In this world everyone needs to share some files between among them , then earlier people used bluetooth connection to transfer the files but it takes longer time when sharing the large sized files and at that time shareit was launched and became boon to the people and it started sharing the large sized files within fraction of seconds and that’s the reason within a month after releasing shareit in playstore got millions of downloads.

2.Can I download Shareit ?

Yes , Users can download shareit for free and use for transferring the files very quickly and smoothly with advances safe and secure way.

3. Is Shareit app free from virus ?

Yes , this app does not contain any virus and this app will not harm or copy your confidential information. after downloading the apk file you can check is it harmful or not from the virustotal website which is free site used for scanning the files to check the file is containing virus or not.

but anyhow this app won’t have any virus and will not affect your device in anyway. due to this , the shareIt app is more popular and got billions of downloads. there are many benefits of using shareit application and it is having high rating from the people. still up to date people are really searching for it to use this application.

4.Which type of files, I can transfer through Shareit ?

There is No restrictions to send the type of file , mostly all files can be shared by shareit , media files like photos , videos, documents , apk files and much more can be shared through this app freely and securely.

5.is there any file limit and Size Limit to share the files through shareIt ?

There is NO Limit in sharing the files that are being shared by the share it . and there is no restriction on size of files that being shared by the shareit. anyhow the shareit app is very fast , it takes very less time to transfer the large sized files also.

6. Is shareit Not Safe ?

Earlier people used shareit in broad way, and shareit is still using by many people but make sure when giving access type in the application , just stop the application accession your contact information and you can revoke all the permissions which are granted to the shareit app from the settings -> apps sections.

Final Words About ShareIt 

ShareIt is file transferring application which is widley used by the many users and with the help of this application people can share the media files in fraction of seconds and the data which is being shared between the devices is safe and secure.


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